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Please keep in mind that the source material, microfilm of W.W.II documents, can be difficult to read. With over 14,000 records there are bound to be a few transcription errors.
A big thanks goes to Luc Vervoort who extracted the information used for this section of the database and kindly shared it with us for presentation here.

The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was authorized in May 1943 to record the facts of the last known circumstances regarding missing air crews. The report was prepared by the unit shortly after the aircraft loss, usually within 48 hours, and then it was sent on to Headquarters, AAF.
However, it should be noted that some MACRs were prepared after the war as needs dictated. Also many were prepared at the end of the war to cover losses prior to the introduction of the MACR in the summer of 1943. That is why some 1942/1943 losses will have large (late) MACR numbers while those from summer and fall 1943 will have low (early) numbers.